Industrial Painting

With years of hands-on experience painting industrial facilities across Ontario, our multi-talented Brampton epoxy floor coatings contractors are capable of working in virtually any industrial setting. MG Painting Pros provide constant support to keep our painters trained for up-to-date technology and painting conventions. Our full capacity of industrial painting services include:

Machinery & equipment painting

A regular upkeep and maintenance is key to prolonging the use of valuable machinery and equipment. We provide excellent industrial painting for machinery of all sizes and shapes in which we remove all dirt, rust, old paint, debris, and other decay-causing particles from the surface and apply a fresh new coat of durable paint. Your machinery and equipment will be protected from costly damages while also looking as shiny as new!

Floor lines & markings

We provide a range of floor lines and markings available in epoxy-based and high gloss alkyd based options depending on your needs. Whether you need temporary markings that will last around 4 to 5 weeks or need permanent lines that will last through a long-term project over 5 years, we will tailor our solution to match your specific needs. Our industrial painting products are brightly coloured and long-lasting for added clarity and efficiency at your facility. We also provide emergency exit markings and pipeline colour coding services.

Silos & storage tanks painting

Our painters will inspect the interior and the exterior of your valuable silos and storage tanks and spot any signs of deterioration or potential leaks. We will cleanse the surface from all dirt, rust, paint, debris, and other potential sources of contamination before applying a brand new coat of our high-quality paint. Our products are extra-durable against heat, chemicals, and rust, and will protect your valuable tanks from contamination, leaks, and other accidents.

Warehouse painting

Our warehouse painting products are engineered to withstand high foot traffic, heavyweight equipment, strong chemicals, heat, scratches, and many other sources of damage! Additionally, your employees will have fewer risks of slip related accidents, and your flooring will become much easier to clean and maintain. Boost workplace productivity and morale with our clean and bright selection of warehouse painting products.

Metal deck ceiling painting

Neglecting your metal deck ceiling from regular maintenance can pose a threat to your employee’s health due to the buildup of chemicals, oil, dust, and other harmful particles. Our metal deck ceiling painting service includes a full cleaning and a fresh new coat of paint that is oil and chemical resistant. Let us help create a safer work environment with cleaner air!

All of our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to match your busy facility hours. Our painters are available throughout Brampton, Toronto, Scarborough, Geogetown, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Oakville, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and other nearby cities. For more information about our company and our other fantastic services such as epoxy floor coatings and commercial painting, contact us today! You can view some of our latest projects on the photos page. Don’t forget to read the testimonials provided by some of our esteemed clients!

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